Benefits of Thermal Treatments for Pest Control

Thermal Treatment Machine

People have been managing pests for centuries, and the most popular method has been using chemicals to deter and kill unwanted invaders such as insects, rodents, and other creatures. Unfortunately, the chemicals needed to kill pests can also at times be unpleasant for humans, and this has made pest management more difficult. Fortunately, the breakthrough of thermal pest management is giving people the opportunity to eliminate pests without using chemicals. Thermal pest management is based on creating temperatures inside of a home or business that is not suitable for a pest to live in. Basically, you tent up an area, and instead of adding chemicals like traditional treatments, you simply pump in hot air, and increase the temperature to a level that will eliminate pests. These treatments have been done with incredible success, and here are some of the benefits of thermal pest management over chemical pest management.


1) Fewer side effects- Treating pest problems with thermal solutions is much more healthy than pesticides. When you treat a home with chemicals, there may be some remnants of them inside the home, but with thermal treatment, the temperature is easily dropped back down to a comfortable level, and will have no long term effects on the human living environment. While chemical treatments are very safe when done correctly, thermal treatments leave no doubt of safety for returning residents.


2) Residents get back home more quickly- For many chemical treatments, families may have to be out of the home for 3 days, or in some cases, even more. This means staying in a hotel, with family, or finding other arrangements. On the other hand, a family can usually move back in their home on the same evening as when thermal treatments began. This makes the process much more convenient for families, and does not require them to be temporarily uprooted from their home.


3) Less preparation- When preparing your home for a chemical treatment,  you must bag and cover everything to prevent it from being damaged by toxic chemicals. While it is important to protect certain things before exposing your home to thermal treatment, there is much less preparation needed than traditional fumigation.


4) Very effective- Using thermal treatment is very effective, and if your home is brought up to the right temperature, it will kill every level of the life cycle for certain pets. This means that there is less need for repeat treatments, and the pests will be more likely gone for good.


Thermal pest control is a brilliant strategy for removing unwanted creatures, and has been used with great results. This innovation is huge for managing pest problems, and reducing the amount of chemicals people are exposed to. If you would like to learn more about how this revolutionary pest control strategy can help you in your home or business, contact us today!