10 Facts you May Not Know About Bed Bugs Part 2

Bed bug with eggs
In part 1 of this entry, we discussed some facts about bed bugs that are probably not well known among the general public. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out these first 5 facts yet, make sure to do so now! If you are all caught up, then here are the final 5 facts about bed bugs that you may not already know!


6) Bed bugs are extremely resilient- Many people do not know how excellent at surviving bed bugs really are. This is because in a addition to being very clever at staying undetected, they are also incredibly hard to kill. Bed bugs can live for nearly a year without any food, and can live in pretty extreme temperatures. This is why it is so important to call a professional if you detect an infestation.


7) They don’t need a dirty home to survive- Many people believe that bed bugs will not bother them if they keep their home clean, but this is simply untrue. A clean home that contains humans still has plenty of food for these annoying pests. Clean homes may make it easier to detect bed bugs, but they will still be drawn to a home regardless of how well kept it is.


8) They can live in tons of different locations- When people think of bed bugs, they usually imagine them residing in hotel mattresses, but the truth is that they can live almost anywhere. Bed bugs can survive in furniture, appliances, vehicles, walls, and really anywhere that has an ample food source (you), and an adequate environment for them to survive. This means that they won’t die out in winter because they can stay warm indoors.


9) Bed bugs have adapted to pesticides- When bed bugs first started becoming problems in homes, humans used pesticides like DDT to eradicate them. However, they have adapted to these poisons overtime, and are now extremely resistant to common chemicals used to exterminate pests. This is one of the reasons why using thermal techniques to exterminate bed bugs is so beneficial. This technique turns up the heat to a level where they cannot survive, and breaks their life cycle completely.


10) Bed bugs can live out in the country- Many people think bed bugs only take over crowded living quarters in the big city, but the truth is they can live in rural areas just as easily if introduced to the area. Bed bugs do not discriminate and they are more than happy to live out in a country cottage, city skyscraper, hotel room, or anywhere there are people present to feed on.


Bed bugs are a pest that most people know about, but they may not have heard most of these interesting facts about them. If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, contact us right away, and we will help get rid of them! If you would like to learn more about how we deal with these pests, head to our website by clicking HERE.