Tips to Keep Rodents from Entering your Home

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As the colder months are approaching, mice, rats, and other rodents are seeking warm environments to escape the harsh winter weather. Unfortunately, your home is a perfect spot for them to escape the cold, and they may be drawn inside during the winter months. It is important to try to prevent infestations from happening before rodents become prevalent in the home. It is much easier to prevent a rodent problem than it is to get rid of them. Here are some great tips to help keep rodents from entering your home .


1) Eliminate their food sources- One of the keys to keeping rodents from entering the home is to get rid of food sources that may be appealing to them. Do not leave food out on the counter, and make sure to clean up dropped crumbs as soon as possible. Additionally, make sure to keep the kitchen clean, and seal your trash can when it has food remains in it. Also, keep non-refrigerated foods such as cereal in sealed containers. If you can keep rodent food sources to a minimum, it is much less likely that they will enter your home.


2) Put out rodent repelling substances- Mice and rats hate the smell of substances like mint, bay leaves, and moth balls, so try placing these things in strategic places to drive them away. Just remember that these substances may be harmful to children or pets, so keep them out of their reach.


3) Seal up cracks and holes in the home’s foundation- Another good way to keep rodents out of your home is to block them from entering. Make sure to seal any holes and cracks in your home where they may be able to get in, and this will go a long way in reducing the chances of developing a rodent problem.


4) Set traps in strategic areas- If you use traps in the the right places, you can stop a rodent from entering your home. Make sure to place them in areas where you feel like rodents are trying to enter your home to try to catch them before they are completely entrenched indoors.


5) Get a cat- Cats are great companions, and they are also great rodent repellents. Cats are a natural predator for mice and rats, and these creatures have developed an instinct to stay away from the areas cats reside. If you have a cat in the home, rodents will naturally be driven away.

Taking steps to prevent rodents from entering your home is much easier than dealing with an infestation after they are entrenched inside. These tips will help you keep your home rodent free, and you can enjoy the winter months in peace. If you would like to learn more about how to keep your home or business pest free, contact us today!