What do bed bug bite look like?

Identification of Bed Bug Bites
Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly prevalent problem in the United States. Today, they can even be found in five star hotels, and frequently sweep through apartment communities and private homes. These pests can even be found in areas such as Idaho Falls and Pocatello. In order to properly identify a bed bug infestation, it is important to be able to recognize a bed bug bite. 

Although there is more than one species of bed bug, all bed bug bites look the same. If you can recognize a bed bug bite, it will be the same whether you are in NewBed Bug Bites on legs York, Idaho Falls, or Pocatello. Although bed bug bites are itchy and red like other insect bites, the bed bug bites will be in a cluster or linear pattern which is unique to them. These bites will appear every morning when the victim wakes up and gets out of bed. Frequently, brown blood stains will be found in the bed sheets. 

The severity of the bites depend on how sensitive the victim is. In some people, the bites will show up immediately after the victim is bitten. These bites can become swollen and very itchy. In other people, it may take anywhere from a few days up to two weeks for the bites to become obvious. Treatment for bites includes applying ice to the affected areas, or applying anti-itch creams. It is important to be sure to not scratch the bed bug bites. If you do scratch them, they could become infected and require a doctors care. 

Bed bugs can survive over a year without feeding. The only way to stop a bed bug infestation is to use a combination of methods. Some stores carry special plastic mattress covers that zip closed so that bed bugs cannot live on the mattress. Clothing and linens need to be washed multiple times in hot water. Exterminators can come and treat for bugs. Popular methods range from heat treatments to cold treatments and spraying of insecticides. The best way to avoid getting bed bug bites is to not bring home a bed bug in the first place. Don't purchase used mattresses or upholstered furniture. Make sure any used clothing items are washed in hot water when they enter your home. Inspect hotel rooms before you unpack your suitcase.

The bed bug is a big problem today, but it is easy to identify and treat bed bug bites by following a few simple tips. If you think you have bed bugs, please do not hesitate, call us for an evaluation of your home or business.