Do You Have Bed Bugs?

Not Friendly Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a horrific parasite that can do much more damage than you may think. If you have them, you need to get rid of them immediately. Here is how to determine if you may have an infestation.

Finding Bed Bugs

Do not think that you have bed bugs just because you have bite marks on your body after sleeping. This could be carpet beetles, chiggers or mosquitoes, all of which require a completely different kind of treatment. 

A more accurate way to identify bugs is to look for their physical presence. Their excrement, which appears as dark spots, may be a good indicator. You may also look for their eggs, which are quite small - so look closely. During an infestation, live bugs may also appear in the daylight hours, along with reddish stains on your bedding. This usually comes from bugs that have been crushed during the night.

Where Your Bugs Will Usually Hide

Now that you know what signs to look for, you need to know where to look for bugs. Bugs will show themselves much more readily if they are feeding. If they are not, they have a few places where they like to hide, and not all of those places include your bedding.

You can start a good search for bugs by looking around your bed. If you have piping that is near the bed, you may want to look in the crevices there for the colors and signs mentioned above. Bugs also love to hide around the tags of the box spring as well as the mattress. Look for signs around the seams as well.

If you have cracks in the headboard or anywhere in the bed frame, you can bet that your bugs will likely be hiding there.

Extra Heavy Infestations

If you have an especially heavy army of bugs around, then you may also find them in the seams of not only your bed, but the other furniture in the room. Check your curtains and your couches. Some forms of bugs jump quite far, so do not think that pure distance is a problem. 

You may also look in your clothes drawer, especially if you have joints that are lose or broken. Check in electrical appliances and receptacles as well. If you have wallpaper that is loose, this is another place they may hide. Finally, check the joint where your ceiling and wall meet.