Rocky Mountain Bed Bug Service

Privacy in bed bug treatmentRocky mountain bed bug offers a very thorough and discreet service to handle your bed bug infestation. We do not use logos or branding on any vehicles or clothing when we come to your home or business. As far as any casual observer is concerned, we are just contractors there to work. Our technicians are background checked and drug free. We pride ourselves on being reliable and the very best at what we do.

We use only top end thermal equipment to generate safe heat to appropriate levels for complete eradication of any infestation. We also use remote thermal monitoring to ensure heat levels are kept consistent and accurate at all times. We make every effort to protect furniture, decorations and other belongings as well as fire systems and sprinklers to minimize any chance of damage. We clean up after ourselves and ensure that there is minimal disruption to your lives so things can get back to normal immediately after our treatment.

All living organisms have a thermal death point.

This chart shows exactly why we use convected heat to treat bed bugs and all the other bugs that destroy your house or bite when you sleep. Bonus: convected heat is ovicidal (kills eggs), and all other metamorphic stages of insects.

Temp °F German Cockroach Bed bug Drywood Termite Argentine Ant
115°F 58 min 14 min 265 min 8 min
120°F 27 min 7 min 30 min 4 min
125°F 16 min 3 min 10 min 2.5 min
130°F 7 min 1 min 6 min 1 min

Why heat treatment over chemical options?

Heat treatment is superior to chemicalsThe most effective means of controlling and eliminating bed bugs is thermal treatment. Specialized equipment is used by trained professionals to safely increase the temperature of an infested area to level high enough (around 135 degrees) for extended periods of time which not only kill bed bugs, but their eggs as well. It is 100% chemical free meaning there will be no toxic residue left behind and no worries about what your family and pets may be exposed to. Thermal treatments also help kill bed bugs which may be in wall voids and areas difficult or impossible to access with chemical treatments. Bed bugs have shown to develop tolerances to certain chemicals and chemical families which allows them to survive even direct contact with many chemical treatment options (especially pyrethroids). This has forced applicators to use more toxic products in an attempt to find an effective solution. Many areas such as drawers, pantries, storage areas, inside of mattresses and box springs as well as furniture are difficult if not impossible to treat with chemical sprays. Missing a single location where bed bugs harbor can mean reinfestation in a short period of time. Thermal treatments are simply more thorough.